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Standard tours


City tour – on foot (approx. 90 minutes):

  • St Paul’s Cathedral and Cathedral square: beginning of the history of the city during the Midddle Ages
  • Church St Lambert: story of the anabaptists
  • City Hall and Main Market (Prinzipalmarkt): Muenster as a commercial city, Westphalian Peace Treaty (1648)
  • Erbdrostenhof: period of Absolutism and Baroque

Bicycle tour (approx. 90 minutes):

  • Visit of the important monuments in the centre (Cathedral, City Hall, St Lambert, Erbdrostenhof)
  • Ride by bicycle on the Promenade: the green belt around Muenster
  • Relaxing bicycle ride on the banks of the Aasee (Lake within the City)

Trips to the attractions in the surroundings of Muenster:

  • Castle tour: Vischering Castle, Huelshoff Castle, Rueschhaus, Nordkirchen Castle
  • Romanesque church in Freckenhorst