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Entertaining and sophisticated tours of the city for tourists and special occasions.
In many languages: German, English, French and Russian!

Münster Cathedral


Your visit to Muenster has the promise of something very special. Muenster has turned into a real magnet for tourists. The city is known as Germany’s bicycle capital. Thousands of visitors come to Muenster every year..

Christian Raestrup


My name is Christian Raestrup – I am a real Westphalian. I was born and grew up in the Muensterland, and I have known Muenster and its region since I was a child.

Münster Cathedral


I am offering three standard guides tours. Of course, you can customise and inform me about special wishes. All tours are either in German, English, Frensh or Russian.

City tour

  • approx. 90 minutes:
  • St Paul’s Cathedral and Cathedral square
  • Chruch St Lambert
  • City Hall and Main Market
  • Erbdrostenhof

Bike tour

  • approx. 90 minutes
  • Visit of the important monuments in the centre
  • Ride by bicycle on the Promenade
  • Relaxing bicycle ride on the banks of the Aasee

Attractions around Münster

  • Castle tour: Vischering Castle, Huelshoff Castle, Rueschhaus, Nordkirchen Castle
  • Romanesque church in Freckenhorst

Customised tours

  • Of course I will adapt the tours to meet your personal wishes!