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Christian Raestrup

Tour Details

Münster - Your Adventure

Entertaining and sophisticated tours of the city for tourists and special occasions.

In many languages: German, English, French and Russian!

Discover the real Muenster: With me, you will encounter unique people in this fascinating city

Guided Tours

Guided tour: „Muenster – Your adventure“

approx. 90 min

Visit of the essential monuments in the city centre

Let’s hit the bars: „Pub Crawl Tour“

approx. 90 min

Fascinating tour through the Cow Quarter (Kuhviertel), Muenster’s dearly loved party area

Bicycle tour

approx. 90 min

Informative tour on the ring road (called Promenade) around the city centre Discovery of many fascinating monuments off the beaten track

Castle tour

½ or 1 day

Discovery of the jewels of the Muenster area

Stag parties

1 afternoon or evening

One last time, let’s blow the roof! Merry party tour

Travel management with focus on Russia

Individual planning according to the wishes and expectations of the participants

Organisation of the travel programme, including hotels, visits, cultural events, restaurants, activities, transportation