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About me - some personal facts

My name is Christian Raestrup – I am a real Westphalian. I was born and grew up in the Muensterland, and I have known Muenster and its region since I was a child. History and foreign languages have decicively influenced my school and university background. Having studied History at University, I have acquired the necessary knowledge in order to present the essential and interesting facts on the history of Muenster in a competent and substantiated way.

For several years, I have lived both in Paris and Moscow. I have taken the opportunity of diving into the fascinating historic traditions of France and Russia and to get to know in all their variety the languages of these countries. Today, back to Muenster, it is a thrill for me to bring to life the moving past of the city and its monuments for visitors to the town. I can look back on more than four years of experience of guiding and accompagnying tourists and visitors. My programme focuses on city tours in German, English, Russian and French.