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Sculpture Projects 2017

Sculpture Projects 2017

Until October, the historic centre of Muenster presents a quite extraordinary picture: across the old town, modern pieces of art have temporarily been set up, and thousands of people explore the city in small groups, on foot or by bicycle, viewing the unique avant-garde attractions.

The inhabitants of Muenster, as well as tourists know: it is time for the Sculpture Projects. Every ten years since 1977, Muenster becomes the Mecca of the international scene of contemporary art. The exhibits are presented in the public, and not, as tradition usually has it, in a museum building or exhibition hall. This represents the particular hallmark of this unique event.

The spectrum of this year‘s projects presents a stunning variety: videoinstallations in public buildings, short improvised theatre productions, and unconventional sound experiences stimulate the visitors‘ pleasure in art just as much as the many examples of modern sculpture.

On this occasion, the Abenteuer Münster team have prepared a special sculptures tour fort he guests to Muenster. The visit introduces the participants to the essential highlights of this year’s show. Together, we will examine the impressive development of the event as well: In the beginning, the inhabitants of Muenster put up fierce resistance to the progressive exhibition concept. Today, however, Sculpture Projects represents without doubt an art event of worldwide meaning.

We are ready to answer your questions regarding this special tour at any moment.